Workshops and pictures 
by Elisabeth Louise Brøker 

Bachelor of Arts in Science of Religion, teacher and artist



My pictures, poems and reflections (meditations) are about the grace and the motherly love of God.

I have made lectures and workshops with pictures, which illustrate this as well as lectures about historical phenomena’s in Religions. 

Among the workshops and lectures, are:

Celtic spirituality: To see God in the creation. To travel in confidence.

The Holy Grail


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Mirrors of God in art from the Middles Ages

Sophia – The Wisdom of God, the feminine aspect of God


Mary - The Mother of God - Mary reflects God’s love.


Mary and the mysteries of the Rosary. Mary refers to Jesus and God’s love in him.



Mary Magdalene, the apostle of the apostles (Apostola apostolorum). The first who met Jesus after his resurrection were the women. 

The wisdom of holy women - Mary - The Mother of God, Mary Magdalene, the prophetesses Hildegard of Bingen and Birgitta of Vadstena Sweden, Saint Catharine of Siena Italy, Mother Teresa and other holy women.
(Pentecost - Mary and other women participated)


Fairy tales: HC. Andersen’s Fairy tales, The Bell & The loveliest Rose of the World.



Workshops about  Pilgrimage and Mindfulness, Hildegard of Bingen, the Mystics, Saint Francis of Assisi.


Egyptian religion and Coptic Christianity.


Japan - Religions in Japan and dialog.


Mexico - Religion in Mexico


Pax et bonum (The greeting of Saint Francis: Peace and all good)

With love from Elisabeth Louise